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What is Smart group?

Thirty people.

Four companies.

Over a dozen of high-end business partners.

One common goal: connecting physical and cyber worlds.

Network specialists with insane amount of experience and unparalleled skills. IoE and IoT projects with custom made hardware and software that enrich our whole surroundings and turn everyday living into a delight. Amazing broadcasting and visual projects. Top notch educations on networking and security. And all of this is just a glimpse of what Smart group has to offer.

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Why Smart group?

"Vision behind Smart group was not to create one know-it-all colossus, but a series of smaller, agile, specialized companies that exist and grow as independent organisms. This way, every company can exist on its own, pursue own projects, but still be perfectly ready to collaborate with, support and most importantly, protect the blind side of each and every one of its sister companies.“

Radovan Rusan, Founder